EVEConnect for Subaru works with IFTTT, giving you creative control over the products and services you use through "Applets", which allow for "Triggers" to happen. Applets are simple connections between products. IFTTT Applets run automatically in the background, creating powerful connections with one simple statement - If This Then That. For more information on IFTTT visit their website.

With the EVE for Subaru IFTTT channel, we offer connections to over 500 products and services including connections to your Smart Home IoT devices. You can now trigger automations simply by leaving home, driving home, and arriving home.

To use EVEConnect with the EVE for Subaru IFTTT channel, you will need to be an EVE for Subaru member and have an IFTTT account with any compatible products or services associated with your IFTTT Account.

Getting Started

To integrate EVEConnect with IFTTT, please follow these steps:

  1. 1. Sign into the EVE for Subaru website (EVEforSubaru.com) on your desktop computer or mobile device and Click Login
  2. 2. From your Profile Page complete the EVEConnect setup process:
  3. a. Click EVEConnect button at top of browser screen
  4. b. Click on the Setup EVEConnect button. NOTE: If you have already setup EVEConnect for your Smart Home you will be taken to the configuration page. (skip to Step 'f')
  5. c. Using the satellite map, ensure that the pin is on your driveway just outside your garage door.
  6. d. If you have Wink Smart Home product you can set these up by clicking on the Authenticate to Wink button, otherwise you can skip this step by clicking on the Skip This Step button.
  7. e. On the Step 2: IFTTT Page click on the Complete Setup button.
  8. f. You will now be taken to the Home Automation configuration page. Choose the distances for Leaving Home, On the Way Home, and Arriving Home. If you have chosen to setup Wink Smart Home products you can optionally choose to associate Wink Shortcuts to these three triggers as well.
  9. 3. If you have not already done so, you will need to register an IFTTT account at ifttt.com.
  10. 4. Log into IFTTT account using your IFTTT credentials.
  11. 5. Click on SEARCH, found on the menu at the top.
  12. 6. In the search field type - EVE For Subaru - to find the service.
  13. 7. Click on the EVE for Subaru service.
  14. 8. Click on the CONNECT button.
  15. 9. Type in your EVE For Subaru credentials and click the AUTHORIZE APP button.
  16. 10. Click on MY APPLETS found on the menu at the top.
  17. 11. Click on the NEW APPLET button.
  18. 12. Click on the +THIS link.
  19. 13. Type - EVE For Subaru - in the SEARCH SERVICES field.
  20. 14. Click on the EVE FOR SUBARU button.
  21. 15. Click on one of the triggers. ( either Arriving home, On the way home, or Leaving home )
  22. 16. Click on the +THAT link.
  23. 17. Click on one of the services you wish to have activated when the trigger is activated. ( e.g. Email )
  24. 18. Follow through the prompts providing any needed information for the service that you selected.
  25. 19. Click on the FINISH button.
  26. You have now created an IFTTT applet and completed the EVEConnect setup of IFTTT.
    You may now continue to create other IFTTT applets using the EVE For Subaru service. ( optional )

Refresh the EVEConnect App on your Subaru Dashboard
*note, this may take a few minutes for EVEConnect to be updated in your dashboard app

THAT'S IT, YOU ARE DONE! Start creating more applets today!

Please Note: EVEConnect relies on integration with third party APIs and integrates with third party platforms and devices. Performance of these third party APIs, platforms, and devices is beyond EVE's control and therefore cannot be 100% guaranteed. Integration with third party smart home platforms is based partially on device types or device categories (such as light bulbs, thermostats, locks), not on individual device products. In testing EVEConnect, EVE has tested devices from each of the supported device types / categories.