Make your smart devices smarter by gaining access to them from anywhere. From the convenience of your driver seat, home functions now work with your daily routine.

Easily program EVEConnect automations which command your Wink devices based on your routines- leaving you with less tasks and more time.

By partnering with Wink, EVEConnect incorporates all of your connected home devices into one environment, all within reach when you are on the go.

To use EVEConnect with Wink products you will need to be an EVE for Subaru member and own compatible Wink products.

Wink Products

Getting Started

To integrate WINK with EVEConnect, please follow these steps:

  1. 1. Install or access your WINK App on you Mobile device and login to your WINK Account
  2. 2. Set up Shortcuts within the WINK App which will be accessed in EVEConnect. Name them something simple, like WINK Arriving Home so you know what to look for when setting up scenes on our Setup wizard when you are logged in
  3. 3. Sign into the EVE for Subaru website ( on your desktop computer or mobile mobile device and Click Login
  4. 4. Click EVEConnect for Subaru Button at top of browser screen
  5. 5. Scroll down to SETUP EVEConnect for Subaru
  6. 6. Confirm Address where your WINK hub is located (your home address)
  8. 8. Login to your WINK account to Authorize EVE for Subaru to access your WINK devices and Shortcuts you've created
  9. 9. Choose the shortcuts within Leaving Home, Arriving Home and On the way home that you created in the WINK App from Step 2

Refresh the EVEConnect the app on your Subaru Dashboard
*note, this may take a few minutes for EVEConnect to be updated in your dashboard app


Enjoy the peace of mind of the devices you've chosen to use with EVEConnect and WINK. If you want to have more devices added to your EVEConnect app, please go to our approved WINK device List HERE

Please Note: EVEConnect relies on integration with third party APIs and integrates with third party platforms and devices. Performance of these third party APIs, platforms, and devices is beyond EVE's control and therefore cannot be 100% guaranteed. Integration with third party smart home platforms is based partially on device types or device categories (such as light bulbs, thermostats, locks), not on individual device products. In testing EVEConnect, EVE has tested devices from each of the supported device types / categories.