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If you encounter any issues with the setup or use of EVEConnect, the FAQ section below has helpful tips to get the most out of EVEConnect. If the FAQ's do not answer your question, you can always log an issue, provide feedback or suggest Smart Home Devices by filling out the form below. You can also contact us by emailing

1. Is there a cost for EVEConnect?

Yes. There are 3 types of membership options:
(All prices are in USD.)

Monthly: $2.99
Yearly: $25.99
3 Year: $69.99

2. Do you need a network connection to use EVEConnect?

Yes. The EVEConnect app controls the Smart home devices using your mobile network connection from your phone and connects the infotainment system via bluetooth.

3. How do I setup my mobile device to work with EVEConnect?

I. Enable GPS

Install Subaru Starlink app in your android smartphone.
Go to the Settings app on your mobile device and Select Location tab. Turn ON the Location service and check whether the Subaru Starlink app is in the Location list.

II. To set up Bluetooth

1. Go to Bluetooth settings in the Head unit and select the option to add new devices.
2. In your Smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and go to Bluetooth settings page.
3. Select the Subaru head unit you want to connect and pair the Smartphone with the head unit.

The newly added device will be automatically selected. If you want to change the device, go to the devices screen in the head unit (where you can find the list of connected devices) and select the above device. Use the disconnect device button to close the connection with the Phone.

1. Enable GPS

Install Subaru Starlink app in your iPhone.
Go to the Settings app on your mobile device and go to Privacy tab. In Location services, drag the list to see Subaru Starlink app and confirm the Location access is "Always".

2. To set up Bluetooth

1. Go to Bluetooth settings in the Head unit and select the option to add new devices.
2. In your iPhone, turn on Bluetooth and go to Settings page.
3. Select Bluetooth to see the list of Bluetooth devices.
4. Select the Subaru head unit you want to connect and pair your iPhone with the head unit.

To pair,
Once you select the head unit from the list of Bluetooth devices in your iPhone, You will see a pop up in your iPhone as well as in your head unit. Confirm the PIN displayed in both devices are same and hit OK.

4. What do I do if some of the EVEConnect features are not working?

Please send an email mentioning your concern to or fill in the support form located below and we will get back to you as early as possible.

5. Why do I need to confirm while activating a scene with some devices?

It is the requirement of some of our device partners to have a confirmation before initiating an automation. EVE asks for confirmation before triggering a scene only if it is triggered using GEO Fence Automation.

6. How do I use the app after I've signed up?

Once you've signed up at and have followed the directions to set up a smart home platform:
1. Launch the STARLINK Mobile App
2. Connect your phone with your Car
3. Once the STARLINK App is synced, you will be able to see EVEConnect in the STARLINK List of Apps
4. Login to EVEConnect in your Mobile STARLINK App using the same login details you provided when you signed up as an EVEConnect member
5. Open the EVEConect app in your Subaru's infotainment system
6. Follow the GET STARTED steps on any of the Smart Home Partner pages listed on our website

7. What if I don't see my Smart Home device in EVEConnect App?

We support Wink, Insteon, Nest and SmartThings. If your Smart Home device is not from any of these brands, you wont be able to use it. Please visit the parter pages to learn more and choose a platform to work with EVEConnect: ⇒ Goto Partners Page

If your EVEConnect app is already loaded in the infotainment system and you've just added a new platform and device from any of the above mentioned brands, you need to refresh EVEConnect in the infotainment system to reflect the changes. Simply tap on the Reload button to load the new information.

8. Will EVEConnect work when it is minimized and using other apps in STARLINK?

Yes, you must be logged in to EVEConnect (see FAQ #5) and the STARLINK mobile app must be running. The automations you've set up will trigger even if you are running other applications in the infotainment system.

9. Will the EVEConnect Home automation work if the GPS is OFF on my mobile device?

You must allow location services on your mobile device in order to use EVEConnect GEO Fence Automations. If your infotainment system has an internal GPS antenna, EVEConnect GEO Fence Automations will work without using the mobile device GPS, but only in EVEConnect is in the foreground on the infotainment system. All other EVEConnect functionality, such as triggering scenes manually, or manually managing devices will work without GPS.

10. My Automations are not triggering correctly, what should I do?

Automations are dependant on EVEConnect getting accurate GPS coordinates, Bluetooth connection to the infotainment system, and the distances you set for Leaving Home, On the Way Home, and Arriving Home. To determine if your mobile device is getting accurate enough GPS open EVEConnect on your Subaru infotainment system, tap on the gear button in the upper right and then select Set Home Location. An accuracy of less than 40 meters is required to use EVEConenct Automations.

You may also need to adjust the distances for Leaving Home and Arriving Home based on the accuracy you are receiving. Ensure that the difference between Leaving and Arriving is greater than the accuracy you are receiving.

NOTE: GPS readings with an accuracy greater than 40 meters will be ignored.

11. How can I change or cancel my membership plan?

Send an email to and let us know what changes you would like to on your current membership plan.

12. Does EVEConnect collect your personal information?

EVE is committed to protecting your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

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